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The Best running large scale Radio Control Tanks in the World

Available in 1/4, 1/6 and 1/8 scale.  All built to order.


Our reputation for supplying strong, tough and long lasting large scale military Models is second to none. The main tub, top and turret are made from high density fibreglass, up to 25mm thick on the larger scale models, giving un-rivalled strength, detail and durability along with being corrosion free. All moving mechanical parts [excluding smaller wheeled vehicles like the Willy’s Jeep] are made from metals, including tracks, wheels, sprockets, idlers, suspension, drive train bearings and axles. Rubber is used exclusively for all tyres whether applied to a Tank or wheeled vehicle and is also used for the track blocks where applicable on the modern tracks. Using Chain drive motors [from 250w on 1/8 scale, 350w on 1/6 scale and 500w on 1/4 scale] all our vehicles have more power than is required which makes them very efficient. Typically a 1/6 scale Tank, on level ground, going straight will only draw around 2 amps! Run times of over 3 hours are not uncommon. The time from order to completion is normally around 20 weeks although this can on occasions take longer. You will always be kept informed of progress and are welcome to contact Mark at any time to discuss. When all the parts are ready for the final assembly you will receive a daily photographic record of each days progress until completion.

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